The Domestic Violence Method

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It is clear that false domestic violence and child abuse accusations are out of control. As a result, innocent parents are victimised and real victims are ignored... lost in a sea of false accusations. There needs to be a balance in order to protect children,, yet assist victims. 

How can this be done? Success will only come if the issue of domestic violence and children abuse is not trivialised. The main issues are:

* there is a need to protect real victims;

* there is a need to stop false allegations;

* children are manipulated and coerced by vindictive parents and the Family Court cartels;

* children are being isolated from their parents and subjected to Parental Alienation and Parental Abduction;

* children are being taken from caring families and placed into foster care unnecessarily; 

* the Family Court cartels and vindictive parents will manipulated domestic violence for profit;

* interest groups are pushing a false stereotype in order to receive huge government grants and donations;

* families are losing their homes and are left penniless, often deep in further debt, as a result of being manipulated by the Family Court;

* families are resorting to violence, and even murder/suicide, as they are pushed to breaking point by the Family Court cartels.


1. Children - "Best Interests of the Child"

Parental Alienation and Parental Abduction legislation is crucial. Parental Alienation legislation has been enacted in many countries around the world as Family Court corruption scandals become more and more evident. Ensuring that children have access too, and are cared for by both parents is the most important factor in determining what is in the best interests of a child. Unfortunately, recent Family Law amendments and precedents have allowed the Family Court cartels to manipulate the term "best interests of the child", resulting in children being manipulated, emotionally abused and psychologically abused by being dragged between doctors, psychologists and solicitors and forced to make allegations against parents of sexual and physical abuse in a 'winner takes all' adversarial system. There is even a push to get children back into the courtrooms to testify against their own parents. Parental Alienation legislation needs to ensure that no court or individual has the power stop a child having access to, and being cared for by both parents. 

Parents and children need to know that if there is a break-up in the family home, they will always be together, even when the Family Court cartels take everything else. Currently, children are used to extort every last cent from parents, resulting in further violence and suicides at the hands of the Family Court cartels. If parents had a choice of week on/week off or split week (or less by agreement) by default, Family Law cases would be settled quickly. This has been seen with the effectiveness of mediation where equal shared care, unless otherwise agreed to, is commonplace. However, because the profits Family Court cartels are threatened by an equal-care system, the focus is now on domestic violence and child abuse to create conflict. 

2. Family Court 

Domestic violence considerations needs to be removed from Family Law and the Family Courts. We have seen how vindictive parents and the Family Court cartels manipulate domestic violence and child abuse for their own financial and political gain. There is no need for the Family Court to deal with these issues. Domestic violence and child abuse claims are dealt with criminally and by professional law enforcement with the skills and tools to conduct an thorough examination and investigation. Furthermore, the Family Court is not trained or qualified to handle issues of domestic violence and child abuse. These are matters for professional, unbiased bodies like police Child Protection units administer in liaison with unbiased doctors. These are not matters to be put into the hands of people who are renowned for manipulating children and the law any way they can. Any domestic violence application to the Family Court should only be heard by a professional body ie. police stating that there is 'reasonable' evidence. 

3. Eliminate Civil Domestic Violence Orders

Civil DVOs are a disgrace to the legal system. Allowing vindictive individuals to have the power of the law in their hands and to be able to manipulate others is an insult to the legal system. Civil DVOs were introduced to take pressure of police, who had to produce evidence at court. However, they have created more work for police and resulted in police being treated like dogs for the holders of DVOs. Ironically, a child cannot bring a DVO. They are considered protected by government bodies such as DoCS. So why are parents able to obtain them when there are other legal avenues? We have seen how parents manipulate DVOs in order to stop the other parent having contact with their children. The myth that "victims are scared to go to police" is ridiculous. If a person can take the other person to court in a civil application, they can definately go to the police, where they will be protected. Only professional bodies such as the police should be able to make applications for DVOs, and with the same presumption of innocent until proven guilty.

If civil DVOs are continued to be used, there needs to be certain provisions within the DVO itself:

1. current court orders must be followed;

2. children cannot be withheld from the other parent using the DVO;

3. where there are no court orders in regards to children, there needs to be provisions for parents to have access to children.

4. if these provisions are not followed, the DVO must be revoked.

4. Cut Funding to Interest Groups and Provide More Funding to Government Departments

Influential interest groups have pushed our government to spend billions of dollars of tax-payers money pushing a negative stereotype of domestic violence and child abuse. Yet, groups that provide safe change-overs for children, family counselling and child care for single working parents receive minimal funds. While thousands of jobs are being cut across Australia, with huge cut-backs to health, education and public spending, why are we still pouring money into the back pockets of these self-serving interest groups? Funding needs to be allocated to specialised Government departments and policing that assist with real domestic violence and child abuse issues, and even assisting with change-overs for parents. Most importantly, more funding needs to be allocated to post-separation counselling for parents and children to enable families to restart their lives.

5. Take Psychologists Out of the System

Psychologists have complicated the issues of parenting for the sole purpose of ensuring their own piece of the Family Court pie. Parents who keep a tight reign on their children are 'emotionally abusive'. Parents who are more liberal with their children demonstrate 'parental inabilities'. A parent angry about not seeing their children is showing signs of 'separation-engendered violence'. Ask 100 psychologists to examine a person and you will get 100 different diagnoses with 100 new terms to explain their behaviour. Psychologists have infiltrated the courts and our schools and have created chaos. As we have seen, they are happy to declare domestic violence in the most trivial of cases, usually in order to receive government funding or payments from the Family Court as "referrals". Many Judges are ignoring reports produced by psychologists for these reasons. However, many still allow psychologists to run the court system into the ground with seemingly-endless allegations of psychological inabilities and abuse.

6. Penalties for Breaching Family Court Orders

Currently, Family Court orders are worthless. There are rarely any penalties or consequences for parents who breach orders. After losing the family home and all savings (and usually their jobs), parents quickly find out that piece of paper they receive is unenforceable. Filing for a Contravention is a very, very long and complicated process which, when responded to with allegations, usually drags on for 2-3 years, in which time the children are refused access to the other parent. The costs of enforcing a Family Court order cost the applicant tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars - great for the Family Court cartels! Applications for Contraventions are usually met with domestic violence or child abuse allegations, wherein the applicant's application is quickly pushed aside for more "serious allegations", in which the Family Court cartels drain even more money from parents. Even when claims of abuse have been dealt with in previous Family Court cases, the Family Court will allow further cases based on similar allegations to continue.

7. Family Court Trials to be Heard and Decided by a Jury

There is no mistake that the Family Court is corrupt. There are countless reports about the abuse of power and the corruption as a result of the secrecy and silence surrounding the Family Court. Like any trial, these cases need to be heard by a jury. A jury cannot be corrupted by interest groups or politicians. A jury represents the standards of the Australian community, not the politics and profiteering of the Family Court cartels.

8. Post-Court Counselling 

Currently, there is very little post-court counselling. After 2-3 years of parents slinging accusations at each other in our adversarial "cock-fight" system, and solicitors digging up dirt on each parent, families are left in a worse position that ever. Parents are left in a new situation, often completely different from what they have been used to. Many have been institutionalised by the Family Court, and will continue to resort to making further domestic violence and child abuse allegations for the rest of their lives. Almost every person is left with depression, unable to cope with their new situation and their experience. Yet, very little is spent on helping people get back on their feet. Many parents will have lost their jobs, resorting to welfare and are unable to recover mentally in order to start work again and re-build their lives.


There is also very little counselling for children who have been dragged through the system and used as pawns for 2-3 years. There is no counselling for children who have been removed from their parents and coerced into making claims of abuse. Children who have had a crash course in molestation, abuse and porn are tossed aside now that the Family Court cartels have finished with them. 

If funding is going to be spent on Family Law issues, it needs to be focused on post-court counselling in order to get people back on thier feet and start their lives again.

The solutions are easy. However, by implementing any or all of these solutions, the Family Court cartels will loose billions of dollars each year. The Family Court would rather continue running a corrupt cesspool than protect their own reputation and public image. 

The solution is easy:

1) Mandatory bonds placed on all Family Court orders: Wherein if a parent breaches their orders, an amount is made payable which can be deducted from tax returns or even the forced sale of personal property;

2) Centrelink payments and Child Support payments cut: Payments are ceased when people do not attend interviews, meetings or even ensure their children are attending school. So why not cut payments when Family Court orders are not being followed?

3) Breaches based on domestic violence or child abuse claims as "reasonable justification" cannot be heard unless accompanied by a police CPU officer or DoCS worker: Allowing vindictive parents to claim domestic violence whenever they feel like being vindictive is a disgrace to the Family Court system. Domestic violence should never be an option or a tool for revenge, but it is.

How much longer will our government continue to throw away billions and billions of dollars each year for greedy, manipulative people to control the lives of their children and others while Australia's economic debt runs into the trillions?