The Domestic Violence Method

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Parental Alienation and domestic violence has not gone unnoticed in Australia. s121 Family Court Act has ensured that stories of false allegations and corruption within the Family Court system are kept quiet from the public. However, as more and more parents come forward with their stories, recordings of court cases and evidence of false allegations, intimidation and threats, the public is becoming aware of the underworld of the Family Court cartels.

Below are some of the most popular and relevant websites that focus on the issues and Parental Alienation and false domestic violence allegations. Most of these groups are non-profit. These are people who are fighting for children's natural rights against a corrupt legal system.

Luke's Army 

This is one website that will open your eyes to the problem of our system in regard to children. Children taken away from loving parents and placed into foster care. However, it does not end there. These children are abused and even murdered at the hands of the system, including Families SA and DoCS.

The website has some very emotional interviews and news reports exposing Australia's secret modern-day Stolen Generation.


Tillys Father

One of the worst stories of Parental Alienation by the Family Court cartels. The website talks about 'Simon', a father who lost his Australian-born daughter when the Cartels allowed the mother to live over-seas with her. Simon now only sees his daughter twice a year - one month overseas, one month in Australia.

Simon is very active in the Sydney area with raising awareness for Parental Alienation. If you would like to become involved, Simon is a great contact. 


Family Law Web Guide

The Family Law Web Guide is the best forum to go to discuss issues with the Family Court. Spend an afternoon engaging in topics from Going to Court, to Domestic Violence Allegations, and you can really see that there is a serious problem withing the system. Some of the stories that people are going through are disgraceful, with many who have been unable to have any communication with their children for years.


Dads in Distress

A professional support service offering assistance to fathers. DIDS has had a huge impact on the separated parenting commuity. 

However, the service does not just extend to fathers as mothers, grandparents and other relatives are also offered assistance.


Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation is one of the worst forms of emotional children abuse, and the effects are damaging to children right throughout adulthood. Yet, each year, thousands of children are subjected to Parental Alienation. 

The website explains what Parental Alienation is and how it affects children and families. In many countries, Parental Alienation is a crime. In Australia, it is used extensively as a tool by parents and judges.


Emily's List 

Who actually runs Labor? Emily's List is a feminist group which lists its members as including not only Julia Gillard (as the founder), but many female Labor members of our Parliament. You will be amazed at how this group manipulates the parliamentary system and use their Mysogyny Factor against men. 

Truly an example of Julia Gillard at her worst!


Fathers for Equality           

Fathers for Equality is a great site which posts the latest news and extreme cases that men have endured in the Family Court. 

The site also exposes corruption and scandles by politicians and judges involved in Parental Alienation and false domestic violence allegations. 


Kangaroo Court of Australia

The website has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has an almost "conspiracy theory" context, however, all the stories are true! 

The website delves into the corruption, lies and conspiracies that surround the politics of the Family Court and even posts information that the mainstream media choose not to publish. 


One in Three

A great website that explains what men face in regard to abuse, accusations and domestic violence themselves. 

This is definately a site that the Family Court cartels do not want the public to know about. 


Since corruption in the US and UK Family Court system was uncovered, stories of false accusations have poured out. Australia is no different... except that there has been no enquiry into Australian Family Court corruption:

Father Accused of Child Molestation to Win Custody:

Why Parents Make False Allegations:

Father Sent to Prison for Rape:


UK and US Enquiries exposed severe scandals within the Family Court where judges were receiving kick-backs for removing children from their homes. Although the same practice has grown in Australia, there has been no formal enquiry:


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